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Project 333, Month 2 Update

Project 333, Month 2 Update

*Repost from 2 years ago!

Hello!! The second month of my Project 333 experiment has passed and it went by so fast! To put things into perspective, I went eight weeks of just wearing the 33 items I chose back in mid January (aside from PJs and workout clothes). My 33 items have brought me through the California winter and through the 2 weeks of non-stop pouring rain and a few days of hail. For 8 weeks, I have saved at least 15 minutes every morning on deciding what to wear- that's 15 extra minutes of sleep! Looking back now, there are 3 main things I learned about minimalism and how is has been a positive change to my life.

1. Owning a lot of stuff is extremely overrated- I know I might have already touched on this fact, but it is just so true! Since starting Project 333, I have not gone shopping for clothes simply because I didn't want to and didn't need to(and also the fact that I couldn't due to the challenge, but I digress). The idea of going clothes shopping gives me anxiety and I never really buy anything anyway, window shopping was my idea of shopping. On the occasion that I do tag along with my mom or friends on their shopping trips and I do see a clothing item that catches my eye, I always ask myself "Do I really need this?" If the answer is no, then I put the item back to the rack and continue on with my day.

Living with just a 33 item wardrobe has put into perspective how much value I put on material things. For example, when I was sorting out my clothes and choosing my 33 items, I thought I wouldn't be able to last one month because I put a lot of aesthetic value in a blouse I love wearing. I ultimately didn't choose that particular blouse because it wouldn't be very functional especially in cold weather. It's been two months since I've seen the blouse and I don't value it as much as I did. Don't get me wrong, I look forward to wearing the blouse again, but am I 'dying' over the fact that I haven't worn it in 8 weeks? No, not at all!

2. No one cares more about your appearance than YOU- In the past two months of wearing just 33 items, no one has said anything about my repetition in outfits. No once batted an eye or looked down at me when I wore the same pants two days in a row. In fact, I think I've gotten more compliments on my outfits since I started this challenge! I think it's because most of my items can be worn in a business casual setting, therefore making e appear more put together than I normally am. This is also the reason why I stress less about what to wear each day because my options are streamlined and I already know that I will look presentable. When I look great, I feel great and no one can give me that confidence but me!

3. The key to minimalist style is utility and function- Referring back to my blouse story in #1, the blouse I was taking about was sleeveless, cropped, and made with a thin, chiffon like material (probably polyester, but I'm not too sure). It simply didn't make sense for me to include it with my Project 333 wardrobe because it wouldn't serve a functional purpose in keeping me warm, only an aesthetical one in making me look hot AF.  In all seriousness, the majority of the clothes I've been wearing lately can easily be layered and worn in both cool and warm weather. If you are considering doing a Project 333 of your own, I highly recommend choosing clothes that serve a multiple purposes. Questions like "Can this be layered?", "Will this keep me warm/cool?", and "Can this match with anything?" can serve as criteria when narrowing down your minimalist wardrobe.

Those are the three things I learned about minimalism and Project 333. I can honestly say that this minimalist fashion challenge gives be peace of mind and more time to sleep. It has decluttered my mind and given me more confidence in myself and also how I present myself to other people. Although there are only 4 more weeks to go, I genuinely see myself continuing on with this challenge this year and in the future!

Peace, love and blessings!


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