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Project 333, Week 1: Uniform

Project 333, Week 1: Uniform

*Reposting from 2 years ago!

The second week of Project 333 has gone by smoothly. I definitely repeated some items such as my khaki anorak jacket and my burgundy cardigan. Before I started this minimalist fashion challenge, I was worried that people would notice if I wore something twice, but to be honest NO ONE cares (or notices!). If anything, I got more compliments this week for my outfit choices than before I had started the challenge. This could be due to the fact that I sometimes wore my workout outfits to class, but since Project 333 dictates that workout clothes to be worn only when working out, I am forced to wear more appropriate clothing. Some other things I noticed this week were:

  1. With less items in my wardrobe, I am doing less laundry. Yay for lowering my carbon footprint!

  2. Even with a significantly smaller closet, I haven't worn everything I chose (yet).

  3. Black leggings are a girl's best friend! Fleece lined leggings are extremely helpful.

  4. Scarves bring your outfit up an extra level.

I would say my triumphs for this week was my morning routine be more efficient and productive. Happy to say that I did not have any challenges this past week, I am planning to continue this streak!


My introduction to this minimalist fashion challenge and a list of my 33 items can be found here

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