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Top 5 Colourpop Products for Brown Gals

Top 5 Colourpop Products for Brown Gals

Colourpop has taken the Internet and the world by storm, and I am here for it! If you follow me on Instagram, you know of my love for any product from the Santa Monica based beauty brand. What makes Colourpop stand out from other beauty giants is that all of their business is online (with the exception of the recent Sephora partnership), their headquarters and manufacturing are in the same place, their products are high quality AND cruelty free, and the prices rival drugstore makeup prices!  I could go on and on about the rise of Colourpop, but I’ll spare you the 10 page paper (totally kidding, or am I? 😉)

              After placing my first order last August, I have made 5 more purchases since! I have tried most products, ranging from their lippie stix to brow gel and I have come up with my top 5 favorite products from Colourpop. I use these five products almost daily, and they are perfect for people with medium dark skin, with warm undertones. Here are my favorites:

1.    Precision Brow Pencil in ‘Black N’ Brown’ ($5.00)

       So my journey with my brows has been quite interesting. My brows are naturally thick and I naively made the mistake of having them tweezed, waxed, and threaded (all in one visit) for my senior prom. Going from thick brows to thinly shaped brows was not the business, but it was nothing that a good fill in job could handle. After that experience, my brows grew in quickly, about 5 months after I graduated high school. Flash forward 4 years later, my thick brows are back and I couldn’t be happier! Even before the brow shaping trifecta incident of 2013, my brows were always a little more sparse towards the inner portion. This is mostly why I fill in my brows and because I believe nicely shaped brows can do wonders in framing the face.

       Now onto my review: Colourpop’s Precision Brow Pencil has become a holy grail beauty item for me. I use it practically every day; it’s in my arsenal for both the days where I want a full face beat and the days where I don’t feel like wearing makeup. The formula lasts the whole day and the color payoff is buildable, depending on how much pressure you put into adding feather-like strokes. I also love that on the opposite end of the pencil is a spoolie, so that you can blend in the colour to make your brows look more natural and feathery, yet defined AF. All in all, I highly recommend giving this brow pencil a try!


2.    No Filter Concealer in ‘Medium Tan 35’ ($6.00)

       Concealer is a new discovery for me. To be completely honest, I had no idea what concealer was for until last year. After a friend of mine explained its purpose and tried it on my slightly dark undereye circles, I was sold! Sleep and rest will always be the best way to combat dark under eye circles, but concealer is the next best thing to hiding those stubborn circles (whether it be from lack of sleep or hereditary), discoloration, and hyperpigmentation.

       The No Filter Concealer is the first concealer I purchased that I actually like. The previous concealers I’ve bought in the past were either too thick for my taste or didn’t have the right undertones for my skin. What I like about the Colourpop concealer is that the formula has a good, creamy consistency and that it compliments my skin tone. I will usually wear this concealer to brighten under my eyes and to spot conceal on the parts of my face that have discoloration and/or redness. If I am wearing foundation, I will put this concealer after foundation. My technique to blend the concealer in is the same for both situations:

·       Add some product with the flexible, doe foot shaped applicator to my face

·       Blend with my fingers, gently tapping the product into the skin

·       Blend again with a dry beauty sponge

Now, you don’t have to do it this way, this is just the process I found that works for me!


3.    Lippie Stix in ‘Grunge’ ($5.50)

              This lipstick is a matte formula and the color is described as a ‘mid-toned red brown’, which is accurate. At first glance, the color looks a lot darker in the tube than it does when you put it on. The color is definitely buildable as well. When I put on one swipe, it passes perfectly as a nude color on me; with multiple swipes, the color builds to that red brown that Colourpop describes. I consider this lipstick to be that perfect My Lips But Better shade on me, so if you are a medium dark person with warm undertones, this shade will be amazing for you! I like to wear this lipstick on its own but on those days where I am feeling a little extra, I’ll top it with a lip gloss on the center of my lips to further accentuate fullness.


4.    Super Shock Blush in ‘Cheerio’ ($8.00)

       I am also pretty new to blush as well. This is the first stand alone blush I’ve ever purchased, and I am loving it! This deep cranberry blush is in Colourpop’s Super Shock formula, meaning that it is a cream to satin finish, and super buildable. For light coverage, you can use a blush brush to apply. For medium coverage, you can use a damp beauty sponge, and for the most coverage, you can use your fingers to apply. Because of it’s versatility, the blush is extremely user friendly.


5.    Super Shock Highlighter in ‘Some Like It Hot’ ($8.00)

       2017 was a year of new discoveries and highlighter was definitely one of my favorites! Some may overlook highlighter but who wouldn’t want a youthful, bright glow?! This highlighter is also in the Super Shock formula, so like it’s sister blush, it is creamy, buildable, and user friendly. The color is described to be an ‘icy bronze’ and I feel that it is an awesome highlight for brown girls like me! This highlighter is a stay in my everyday makeup rotation and it will probably stay that way. I’ve also used this highlight as eyeshadow before and it works well!

       Alrighty, that concludes my top 5 favorite Colourpop products for brown girls! One product that has earned honorable mention status from me is the brow boss gel. The brow gel is white but dries clear and does a great job in keeping my brow hairs in place for the whole day. My brows still look on point even after a long day of class, work, and exercising! I hope you all enjoyed reading and if you have some Colourpop favorites, let me know in the comments! Before I sign off, I’d like to share my $5 off link for Colourpop:


Peace & love,


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